Frequently Asked Questions

Who comes to Camp?

The FBS camps/clinics are open to boys and girls beginning at age 5 and  through age 15. FBS workouts begin at age  5 and include high school, college, and post-grad players.

What are FBS workouts?

In our workouts, we practice the fundamentals of basketball including but not limited to:  dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding, full court finishes, stop and go cone drills, intense ball handling and half court offense. We believe the best habits are formed through high repetition and high volume drills. Each player has a basketball at all times to ensure maximum repetitions. In our younger groups, players are not put in a "one on one" situation as the emphasis remains on individual development.

More importantly, the importance of character, sportsmanship, playing and practicing hard is stressed at every workout.

Every workout, each player is evaluated and given specific goals. For example,  a beginning player might have a 7 second goal to dribble the length of the court, while an experienced player 5 seconds. Players are constantly competing against themselves to improve. The more experienced the player,  the more intense the drills become.

What is a typical day of camp?

Camp hours are 9a.m.-3 p.m. Monday-Thursday, and 9 a.m.-Noon on Friday. Please see Coach Judski for early drop-off information.  There will be lunch to purchase each day (except Friday) at check in.  Please inform us if your child has any food allergies.  You are welcome encouraged to drop in at any time of the day to see the action! Daily camp schedule is below, and please ask Coach Judski for specific game times.

9:00am Open shooting
9:10am Welcome, thoughts for the day
9:15am Warm-up, dynamic stretching
9:25am Full court Dribbling/Dribbling relays
10:10am Fundamental skill training (Dribbling, passing, Shooting, defense, rebounding, ball handling, terms, 1-1)
11:00am 5 on 5 games/group games
Noon Lunch
1:00pm Coach’s lecture/whole group training activity
1:15pm Daily competition (FT, KO, Hot shot 1-1)
2:00pm 5 on 5 games/Group games
3:00pm Dismissal



What is your tax id number?

For tax purposes, Future Basketball Stars Federal ID# is   46-1543588. Please use your credit card payment and/or canceled check as camp receipt.

Can I work for FBS?

Yes!! Future Basketball Stars is always hiring bright, motivated people to assists with all of its programs. To apply, please email us at