Middle School League

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Caldwell 42, Cornerstone 29: Caldwell used a late first half run and balanced scoring attack to beat newcomer Cornerstone in the inaugural game of the 2018 Future Basketball Stars Middle School Summer League. Cornerstone’s Jackson Koehler and Caldwells Connor Howell led all scorers with 9 points.

Caldwell: Barbour 3; N. Papciak 5; Howell 9; W. Papciak 7; Newkirk 8; Ortmann 4; Harvey 4, Raley 1.

Cornestone: Holloway 2; Stanfield 2; Jones 2; smith 2; Milton 2, Koehler 9; Magrini 6; Hawkins 4.

Hawks 46, Canterbury 26: Another newcomer the Hawks picked up its first win as Gio Nanucci scored the teams first 12 pints and they never looked back. Canterbury kept fighting and closed the game to 10 but the Hawks pulled away midway in the second half.

Hawks: Kupiec 3; Black 7; Nanucci 22; Cox 2; Sellars 2; Robinson 9.  

Canterbury: Burton 10; Scott 2; Davis 3, Stahl 3; Womble 3; Spears 2, Hutchinson 2.

GDS 50, SPX 32: In the days fastest game, GDS outscored St Pius to pick up its first victory. Both teams transitioned exceptionally in the games first moments as GDS opened an early lead. Jason Hancock led all scorers with 17. Teddy Adams had a nice game for Pius and ended with 14 points.

GDS: Green 8; Satterfield 8; Ballou 1; McGinn 4; Hancock 17; Jordan 6.

SPX: Adams 14; Bartlett 2; Dimond 2; Grico 2, Ohale 12.



Caldwell 35, Hawks 27: In a low scoring defensive struggle, Caldwell built on its 11-9 halftime lead to open up a larger margin and hold on for the victory. Much improved Davis Raley ran the floor for his 10 points while Will Papciak was aggressive to the rim as he scored most of his 10 points in transition and drives for Caldwell. FBS Middle League leading scorer Gio Nanucci had 14  while Zach Kupiec, Jason Sellers and Jack Roach scored buckets for the Hawks.

Caldwell: W. Papciak 10; Robb 2; Newkirk 1; Ortmann 5; Harvey 7; Raley 10

Hawks: Kupiec 7; Roach 2; Sellars 4; Nanucci 14.

SPX 39, Canterbury 24: SPX proved to be too much for the Cougars down the stretch as they pulled away for the W. Rio O Hale continued his low post dominance with 14 points and some nifty post moves. Mitch Dimond added terrific hustle off the bench for Pius.  DJ Prichett saw his first action for Canterbury with tenacious defense as he contributed 4 points and 4 steals.

SPX: Dimond 2; Bartlett 5; Cobb 2; Grico 11; O’Hale 14; Cooke 3.

Canterbury: Womble 2; Whitlach 6; Stahl 2; Burton 6; Hutchinson 4; Pritchett 4.

GDS 44, Cornerstone 39: The day’s most entertaining game featured past champion GDS taking on Cornerstone. Cornerstone’s stifling defense and 3 point shooting saw them lead this game 23-22. Jackson Koehler hit a fade away corner 3 as the first half buzzer sounded. The game see sawed back and forth in the second half before GDS could muster some FT’s down the stretch and pull away. Tucker Smith was aggressive for Cornerstone contributing 7 points while Koehler ended with 18. Jason Hancock once again led GDS with 13 points.

GDS: Green 4; Talbot 4; Satterfield 2; Ballou 4; Rembach 4; McGinn 7; Hancock 13; Percival 6.

Cornerstone: Holloway 5; Jones 2; Smith 7; Koehler 18; Magrini 3; Hawkins 4.


GDS 45, Canterbury 28: In a hard fought game, GDS took advantage of a few transition buckets in the 2nd half to pull away.  Seth Green controlled the tempo for GDS, while DJ Prichett was solid defensively for the Cougars.

GDS: Green 8; Talbot 2; Ballou 2; Rembach 6; McGinn 4; Hancock 13; Percival 2; Jordan 7.

Canterbury: Womble 2; Whitlach 6; Burton 10; Scott 2; Kirkpatrick 2; Spears 2;  Pritchett 4.

Caldwell 43, SPX 34: Caldwell once again used a balanced scoring attack to earn its 3rd victory and remain in 1st place. Nick and Will Papciak combined for 5 3 pointers! St Pius had nice contributions from  Rio Ohale and Teddy Adams.

Caldwell: Barbour 2; Norris 3; Spohn 4; N Papciak 9; W. Papciak 6; Robb 2; Newkirk 7; Ortmann 2; Harvey 4; Raley 4

SPX: Adams 8; Jones 5; ; Bartlett 3; Grico 5; O’Hale 13.

Cornerstone 48, Hawks 39:The day’s best game featured several lead changes and back and forth play. The Hawks twice rallied from 10 point defecits to take the lead. Cornerstone sealed the victory with FT’s at the end. Jackson Koehler was great for Cornerstone contributing 20 points, while Tucker Smith was on fire connecting for 3 3 pointes.  Jackson Sellers had a solid game for the Hawks.

Hawks: Kupiec 6; Roach 2; Sellars 8; Nanucci 23.

Cornerstone: Holloway 8; Jones 2; Smith 14; Thomas 2;  Koehler 20; Greene 2; Hawkins 2.


Caldwell 42, Canterbury 27: In a battle of now former league foes, Caldwell got the best of this woe as they once again had a balanced scoring effort, with 8 Eagles getting buckets. Daniel Norris was terrific with 9 pionts and hitting a 3 pointer; Addison newkik had 12 and two 3’s.  Bert Whitsette continued his improvement with 5 points for the Cougars.

Caldwell: Barbour 4; Colins 4; Norris 9; Spohn 2; Robbb 4; Newkirk 12; Raley 4.

Cougars: Womble 2; Burton 4; Spears 2, Whisett 5; Michel 2; Prichett 7; Carlson 5.

SPX 40, Cornerstone 30: SPX got 12 points from Dallas Cooke and 14 from Rio O Hale as they prevailed over Cornerstone.  Cam Milton got busy with 10 points for Cstone.

SPX: Adams 8; Bartlett 3; Grico 5; O’Hale 14; Cooke 12.

Cornerstone: Holloway 4; Smith 7; Milton 10; Koehler 3; Magrini 2; Greene 2; Hawins 2; Jordan 2.

GDS 57, Hawks 35: This game was much closer than the final score, as the Hawks actually led in the first half. They kept it close until midway thru the second when Gio Nanucci became the first ever player to foul out of a league game. Nanucci, the leagues leading scorer, finished with 17. Jackson Sellars was great with 11. GDS was led by Tanner Ballou with 12.

GDS: Green 5; Talbot 2; Ballou 12; Rembach 2; Hancock 12. Percival 4. 

Hawks: Nanucci 19; Sellars 11; Kupiec 3.


SPX 39,  Hawks 25: This was a very competitive game with SPX holding a slight lead at halftime. In the end, SPX rebounding and post play proved to be the difference. Two of FBSMSL top scorers Gio Nanucci and Rio OHale went at it all night, with both men finishing with 19 points. 

SPX: Dimond 2, Campbell 2; Adams 5; Kemp 3; Bartlett 2; Grico 5, OHale 19.

Hawks: Cos 3; Roach 2, Sellars 2, Nanucci 19.

Cornerstone 48, Canterbury 29: Cornerstone jumped out from the start and cruised to the victory, as 8 different players scored. Cartler Wobmle, Sam Whitlach, and Hugh Carlson contributed in the scoring for Canterbury.  

Cornerstone: Holloway 2; Stanfield 1; Smith 9; Milton 6; Magrini 7; Greene 11; Hawkins 9; Jordan 2.

Canterbury: Womble 3; Whitlach 1; Burton 16; Pritchett 5; Carlson 2.

GDS 35, Caldwell 33: This game featured FBS top 2 teams, and ultimately the top seed in the tournament. The game lived up to its billing as both teams pressure defense in the first half prohibited many scoring chances. Caldwell jumped out early 6-0, but GDS then took a 18-8 lead. The teams combined for over 20 first half turnovers. The game see-sawed back and forth before a late run by GDS sealed its victory and top seed.

GDS: Goodrich 3; Green 9; Wakins 2; Satterfield 2; Rembach 6; McGinn 3; Percival 6.

Caldwell: Barbour 7; Collins 3; Spohn 3; Howell 2; Newkirk 5; Harvey 5; Raley 8.


Hawks 56, Canterbury 48

GDS 42, St Pius 33

Cornerstone 35, Caldwell 32

Final Standings:

GDS 6-0

Caldwell 4-2

SPX 3-3

Cornerstone 3-3

Hawks 2-4

Canterbury 0-6


Tuesday June 26

5:30 PM St Pius vs Canterbury

6:30 PM Cornerstone vs Hawks

Wednesday June 27

5:00 PM GDS vs St Pius/Canterbury winner

6:00 PM Caldwell vs Cornerstone/Hawks winner

7:00 PM Championship Game


It was just a matter of time for Caldwell Academy. After dropping several close games in last year’s Future Basketball Stars Middle School Summer League, the young players grew up, L’s turned into W’s and Caldwell cruised to a 45-29 victory over upstart Cornerstone to win the 2018 FBS Summer League.

Caldwell led from the start, as they did many times this year, and also saw scoring contributions from five different players. The balanced scoring attack was indicative of the player’s willingness to share the basketball, and get many open looks and scoring opportunities.

In this contest, Connor Howell scored 9 first half points, but could have easily been substituted by Will Papciak, Addison Newkirk, Ashton Harvey, or Davis Raley as they all contributed on this night and throughout the season.

Caldwell’s’ balanced scoring attack saw Howell finish with 12, with the others scoring 6, 8, 5 and 10 respectively. Cornerstone tried desperately but could not close the gap to closer than 8 as defensive stops were hard to come by. Jackson Koehler led Cornerstone with 10 while Ben Holloway knifed thru the defense for his 8 points.

Cornerstone was victorious over St Pius in the semifinals, but ran out of steam and easy shot attempts as they could not contain Caldwell’s transition game. Cornerstone arguably showed the best team improvement throughout its campaign, as 8 different players scored in their 37-30 semifinal upset win.

This game was a wild one. Tucker Smith was in a zone in the first half, scoring 16 of its teams 20 points. The teams were knotted at 20 at halftime, with Rio OHale scoring 12 of the St Pius points. Pius opened up a 27-20 lead with 8 minutes remaining. Pius then went ice cold, with Cornerstone scoring the next 17 points to put the victory.

In the preliminary game, the Hawks got 27 points from the league’s leading scorer Giovanni Nanucci to hold over Canterbury 51-47. This was a terrific basketball game, tied at halftime and back and forth until Jason Sellars steal and conversion put the Hawks up 40-35 with 4 min to play. Billy Burton’s sharpshooting and DJ’s terrific drivers were not quite enough to get Canterbury over the hump. Button had a stellar summer and finished with 15, while DJ led Canterbury with 17

In the first semifinal Tuesday, the Hawks gave #1 seed Caldwell all they could handle before Caldwell pulled away for a 61-47 win. Will Papciak was on this night and finished with 19; Nanucci scored 24 for the Hawks and Jack Roach had his best game of the summer with 9.


Tuesday’s games

Hawks 51, Canterbury 47

Hawks: Nanucci 27, Kupiec 3, Roach 2, Sawyer 3, Sellars 12; Kaiden 4

Canterbury: Burton 15; Whitlach 3; Whitsette 4; Hutchinson 2; DJ 17; Spears 4

Caldwell 61, Hawks 47

Caldwell: n. Papciak 2; Raley 9; W.Papciak 19; Howell 12; Spohn 4; Harvey 5; Newkirk 6; Robb 4.

Hawks: Nanucci 24; Kupice 7; Roach 9; Sawyer 3; Sellars 2.

Wednesday’s games

Cornerstone 37, St. Pius 30

Cornerstone: Holloway 2; Stanfield 3; Smith 16; Milton 2; Koehler 8; Magrini 2; Greene 2; Jordan 2.

St Pius: Dimond 2; Adams 2; Jones 3; Guanciale 3; Grico 4; O’Hale 15.

Caldwell 45, Cornerstone 29

Caldwell:  Raley 10; W.Papciak 6; Howell 12; Harvey 5; Newkirk 8.

Cornerstone: Holloway 8; Smith 2; Milton 2; Koehler 10; Magrini 5; Jordan 2.