Are you looking to enhance your skills? FBS can assist you with all areas of basketball especially if you have goals to play in college. I was fortunate have coached at the college level for 15 years and have not only worked with hundreds of college players, but also and have accumulated many beneficial drills that we use every workout.


Our workouts specialize but are not limited to handling the ball in the open court at full speed with both hands. In addition, high repetition high volume drills will build the skills and confidence to dribble the basketball in every circumstance. Shooting and passing are also areas we focus on every workout.


If your goal is to make your team, or be more of a contributor on your team, our workouts are for you. Looking for something speicific? We will customize your workout to whatever  areas you would like to focus on.


Coach Brian Judski


One person workout:

  • 10 Sessions- $500
  • 1  Session- $60

Two player workouts

  • 10 sessions -$700 ($35 per player per workout)
  •   5 sessions-$400

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